Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Religulous versus Expelled

Well, after 13 days Religulous is about ready to overtake Expelled in total US box office gross, according to the-numbers.com:

Religulous: $7,049,342 in 13 days
Expelled: $7,598,071 in 39 days.

It took 21 days to get to where Religulous is now.

What does this say about all the Doubting Thomases out there versus the Young Earth and I.D. supporters?

Update: it has now surpassed Expelled in gross at $7,622,104 in 16 days.


Laurie said...

I was just looking at those figures and thinking about doing a post on them. Darn! Too late again, as usual.

I'm also trying to figure out how to get my Christian step-daughter to go and see it.

Doubting Foo said...

Well, it has now surpassed Expelled in gross at $7,622,104in 16 days.

Laurie, how do your step-daughter's parents feel about religion?

Laurie said...

My husband is an atheist, and her mother is a Unitarian something or other. They are both hoping it is a phase. I think that she is willingly allowing herself to be brainwashed.

sinned34 said...

Well, I finally saw Religulous last night, and I did find it amusing. Also quite interesting that almost three weeks after its release, the theatre was over half full. From what I've heard, Expelled theatres were pretty empty at that point.

It was also amusing to see the majority of viewers seemed to quite enjoy it. Even an elderly lady who was sitting near me laughed aloud a number of times.

Here's hoping that Maher's film helps bury Expelled even further.

Doubting Foo said...

Looks like it is. I just checked and after 26 days it is at $10.5M. They never had it in the number of theaters that Expelled was in, never many more than 500.