Monday, April 27, 2009

God Hates More Than Just Fags

Apparently, he hates Mexicans, too!

It's been deadly in Mexico, but not as yet in the United States. Do we know why that is?

"It's unclear. First of all, there might not have been enough cases in the U.S. yet to reach that point, number one. Number two: There might be other factors at play. The health of the people who have become ill and subsequently died in Mexico might be different than the health of our patients. We're looking at it all very closely."

Google map tacking the swine flu outbreak.

I wonder how long it will take the Fred Phelps nutjobs to say this is God condemning the illegal immigrants? If that's true then this is yet another example of how clumsy God's hand is at killing the people who stray from His Word. I keep saying people will take notice if everyone of a particular hated-by-God group would suddenly die of unexplained brain aneurysms above their left eye, or something very distinct are targeted at just those people. But these clumsy attempts at retribution look an awful lot like random disasters, further fueling the doubters among us and our sarcastic rants against irrational belief!

As if to make my point more, an earthquake has struck in near Acapulco, Mexico...

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