Monday, March 9, 2009

America: Slightly More Rational Than 20 Years Ago?

Living in the south with two parents who both think we are in the end-of-days I tend to get the feeling that EVERYONE in this country feels the same as they do.

But, it seems I'm wrong:

15 Percent of Americans Have No Religion
Fewer Call Themselves Christians; Nondenominational Identification Increases

I feel like going door-to-door and asking people if they've heard the good news! LOL, I bet I would get run out of town if I asked people if they were excited to hear America is getting less religious.

Seriously, though, perhaps we need to start rehab clinics for the formerly indoctrinated. We could have group sessions..
"Hi! I'm Foo, and I used to go to church and think the bible was literally true."

From the article:
The survey of more than 54,000 people conducted between February and November of last year showed that the percentage of Americans identifying as Christians has dropped to 76 percent of the population, down from 86 percent in 1990.

I doubt, though, that people who are non-religious will go as far as calling themselves agnostic, much less atheist. I still tend to the deistic point of view, though I'm effectively an atheist. I don't consider if a FOUR-LETTER-WORD like most people here.

Perhaps I should move:

The only group that grew in every U.S. state since the 2001 survey was people saying they had "no" religion; the survey says this group is now 15 percent of the population. Silk said this group is likely responsible for the shrinking percentage of Christians in the United States.

Northern New England has surpassed the Pacific Northwest as the least religious section of the country; 34 percent of Vermont residents say they have "no religion." The report said that the country has a "growing non-religious or irreligious minority." Twenty-seven percent of those interviewed said they did not expect to have a religious funeral or service when they died, and 30 percent of people who had married said their service was not religious. Those questions weren't asked in previous surveys.


C Woods said...

I heard this good news, too, I also wrote a post about it that is set to post on 3/15/09 (I write a bunch of posts at one time and set them to post every 2 or 3 days.)

I just discovered your blog. I will add it to the list of Freethought Resources I have on my blog:

Also, on 3/13/09 I will be posting information on the 2009 “Blog Against Theocracy” event in April, supporting church/state separation. I hope you can participate.

Doubting Foo said...

Thanks for stopping by!