Saturday, November 1, 2008

7 Years Later and There are Still Loopholes

7 years ago people were ranting and raving about how the 9/11 hijackers were able to stay here with expired student visas.

The Patriot Act was passed along, with FISA, and later the removal of habeas corpus, so we should be safe, right?

Well, read this: Obama's Aunt Living Here Illegally

How does someone who is living in state owned housing get to continue to stay there after a deportation order?

I use this as an example not because I have something against Obama or his family. I use it to show that despite all the freedom we have GIVEN UP over the last 7 years Bush is still FAILING at doing his job: Execution of the law!!!

Imagine if instead of a sweet little old lady she was instead an EVIL TERRORIST?? OMG!

I guess if you read DRUDGE and FAUX NEWS and listen to that moron HANNITY then your brain will be so full of mush that you will come to the conclusion that Obama's Auntie is a terrorist. After all, if all his friends are terrorists then all his family must be too.

The thing in that article that I think people will overlook is:
In Boston, Lydia Agro, communications director for the Housing Authority, said Onyango had been screened and approved for public housing as an "eligible non-citizen" when she moved in in 2003. She said the authority is not notified of deportation orders and did not know Onyango was related to Obama until two days ago.
Did ANYONE in the Bush administration do any brainstorming to think up all the ways they could make sure deportation orders were followed?

Is there ANY communication between the states and the federal government?

Perhaps the real problem isn't illegals overstaying their visas. Perhaps the real dangers have been taken care of. But this just seems too easy a loophole to close.

What do you think?

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