Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Am I Just Getting Old?

This post has nothing to do with religion...

My son was putting some Lego together and had Nick2 on. He wasn't really paying attention, I think it was an episode of Zoey 101 he had already seen.

A commercial for Degrassi came on and I just happened to look up to see a purple vibrator and two girls in a bathroom stall. I used the DVR to rewind it without attracting my son's attention and sure enough it was a vibrator.

Look at about 18 seconds into this video:


This is Nick! This isn't HBO and Sex In The City. If there is a market for sex shows for teens can they please use a different channel or at least advertise during late hours?

I'm a pretty open minded parent but if I can't trust a kid's channel to show kid level commercials or shows then what do I do?

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pursuitofmeaning said...

Maybe we are all getting old. :-) I watched another show with the kids where a teenage boy and girl suddenly grabbed one another and passionately started to kiss. My thoughts were similar to yours "Can they not put this on the SOAP opera channel?"

One thing is clear - the producers of children's programs have no moral compass so we have to keep on parenting the shows they watch.