Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How could I be happy in Heaven?

A recent post by another blogger got me thinking again about something...

If heaven and hell are real and I go to heaven and I know that someone I loved was in hell, then how could I be happy for eternity knowing my loved one is suffering for eternity?

How can anyone in heaven be happy knowing that there are people that are suffering...right now...for ever and ever...never again to not suffer...to only know suffering and pain and misery?

I would want to do something about it.

Of course, my believing friends are shouting at the screen saying YES! Do Something! Bring everyone to Jesus! Or bring everyone to Allah! Or bring everyone to YHWY!!

But, you see, it's too late. People are already there. Suffering. Right now. And there's not a damned thing you or I can do about it.

So...will you still be happy in heaven?

If it exists, and somehow I go there, I won't be.



It's a good thing that heaven and hell don't exist...


Anonymous said...

Exactly. I'm glad you brought that up. It's one of those things that always baffles me about religious people. What type of sadistic, selfish, and self-centered personality does it take to be a Christian? It kind of reminds me of the movie Life is Beautiful, when Dora's husband and son are taken to a concentration camp. Does she stay at home, rejoicing that her life was spared? Or does she demand to be taken with them? It's a situation any one of us could find ourselves in, if heaven and hell (and their fascist god) were real. Luckily, they are not.

Dan said...

It's very hard to understand for you I can see. My own Mother is probably in hell and that is tough one to understand. My Dad said to me that he chooses to go to hell to be with loved ones, like my Mom. But he is assuming a great deal. It's called hell for a reason you know, and I would believe that despair doesn't include friends and family.

Hell is God's jail for breaking His Law, when you break the law and go to jail you don't get to spend time with your loved ones, it's designed to isolate you as part of the punishment. I believe hell to be the same. There will not be an ice cream party with the family in hell. Heaven, on the other hand, is a gift that is designed to fellowship with loved ones and fellow believers all together praising our Creator. Come join us. When you die it will be quite apparent there is an afterlife, don't chose jail.

Doubting Foo said...

Dan, so if you mother were in hell and you were in heaven, you would be happy?

Dan said...

Would you be happy if your Mom took a machine gun to a day care center? Killing 60 children and killing 40 adults. Getting sentenced to jail for the rest of her life with no visitors.

Would you go on living? Would you be unhappy? Sure, but you would find a way to continue to live knowing you could never free her.

Does it upset me that my Mom is in hell? Yes! Does it upset me that she didn't take the gift that God was offering to be free? Yes! She didn't have to go to jail (hell) she had choices to be with her family. My Mom chose to go to jail instead and I guess that was more important to her, like your proverbial Mom shooting all those children instead of thinking of her own kid (you). We all have a choice...including you. Please, don't make the mistake my own Mom made.

Remember this choice also goes for my own kids also. I will have no choice but watch them fail if they make the same choices that you have made. I pray my kids don't make your choices. I also pray you change your choices.

Please change,

ATL-Apostate said...

Dan - You are a very sick and twisted individual.

An anonnymous commenter asked, "What type of sadistic, selfish, and self-centered personality does it take to be a Christian?"

You have your answer. Dan.

He makes wild assertions with no facts to back them up
"when you die, it will be quite apparent there is an afterlife, don't chose jail."
Oh really? Sorry, but that is f-ing hilarious.

Dan is cool with a god who would send his mom AND his kids to hell.

What a guy.

Doubting Foo - EXCELLENT POST!

Doubting Foo said...

ATL, I grew very tired of Dan. I had been visiting his blog but after too many posts like "Atheists eat babies" I realized he was just a freak looking for a fight.

Dan +†+ said...

I was just making a point with the atheists eat babies thing if you actually read it instead of judging a book by it cover.

The truth is that I love atheists

Paper Hand said...

I like to imagine that if there WERE a heaven, there'd be a "Hellbound Civil Rights" movement up there, trying to get God to change his mind. Or even seeking a regime change to make life fairer, not only for the hellbound, but for human beings still on Earth.

Dan +†+ said...

Paper Hand,

Hell bound Civil Rights? Well it appears you would be in good company because apparently Satan himself rebelled against God's Holy Righteous Justice.

You and Satan at least agree on something, be proud of that.

Brian said...

W're talking about eternity here. God knows the vast majority of people will "fail," yet he still chooses to create sentient beings that he roasts in suffering for eternity. forever. Why should we worship such a being? Satan was right. Rebellion is not always wrong.